Mounting & Alignment
Mounting even the most basic antennas can make a huge difference in performance. The picture on the left was taken from behind a dish in early spring. The system worked great until the leaves started coming in. This customer unknowingly called an 800 number getting an out-of-state retailer that sub-contracts their technicians. The retailer had no control over the technician or his training leaving the customer to deal with this on their own.


   The paragraph below from the SBCA is about the National Standards & Testing Program. Their goals favor the consumer as well as others in the industry. You will find who is doing the work is far more important than the provider you choose.

   We believe your confidence will grow with us! Now that you know you're really looking for a local tradesman, calling an 800 number suddenly sounds silly...
Site Survey/Job Assessment
Customer Education
Just like any project in your home or business you want to be involved in the planning. You'll be pleased to know your approval and satisfaction are very important to us. Before we pull a tool out you will know everything we plan to do. You are not obligated to anything until you agree with the plan.
Technically challenged? No worries. Even if you're a 'techy' person you'd want a walk through of everything once it's installed and ready to go. We always have plenty of time to help you get familiarized with your new setup. Better yet, after the technician leaves you will have the ability to contact them if you have questions later.
SBCA - Trained & Certified Technician
Trained & Certified Member
   "SBCA and satellite industry leaders have joined together to develop the SBCA National Standards and Testing Program providing an industry-endorsed benchmark of knowledge for the installation of satellite products and services. The program aims to increase the professionalism of satellite system installers, thereby improving service to consumers and increasing business for satellite retailers. On a larger scale, its impact will benefit the entire industry - from installers to programmers - as consumer confidence grows."
Properly grounding your cable, phone, and satellite system is a good idea as well as an NEC requirement. Yet another aspect that seems to be difficult for out-of-state retailers to get done. It is sadly flat-out ignored by some.


Cable, Satellite, Internet, Bundles, DVR, HD..?
   You see all the ads, read the fine print, and still you feel like you're guessing. Take the guess work out of the equation by talking to someone that has the knowledge you need to make the right decision. Schedule a Free In-Home Assessment with one of our technicians. They will explain all the services, promotions, additional fees, fit them to your needs, and plan the installation accordingly while at your home.
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